About Emily

Q: Who Am I?

A mother of 3 and principle coach at Emily You School of Sales.

  • I was born in Beijing China in 1982.
  • I moved to Singapore in 1998 and I started my Tech Sales Career in 2007.
  • I moved to the Netherlands in 2016 and started my free-lance coaching practice.
  • In 2022, I officially launched “Emily You School of Sales”.


Q: What have I done in my Tech-Sales career?


Q: Why do I start this school?


Q: Who should come to my school?

  • Current students who are thinking of entering Tech Sales industry.
  • People switching from other industries to Tech Sales.
  • Current SDR or BDR or those who are just promoted to AE.


Q: What do I teach in this school?

All the foundational skills that is critical for a career in Tech Sales.


Q: How is my school different from other sales programs?

It is NOT about what you Know. It is about How Well you Execute it.


From my experience as a sales trainer, I know that



  • sales skills have to be learnt on-the-job through practice, it is not a theoretical subject, but a practical one.


  • when we talk about learning sales skills, I see people typically go through these stages.

So regardless of your previous learning path and current level, my school is focusing on helping those of you at the “I practice it and have not yet mastered it” stage to reach the “I master it” stage, through a customized individual coaching program. You pick the particular skill(s) you want to focus on and we train together to help you improve it. You can see me pretty much like the personal trainer at gym, only that I am helping you to train up your “Sales” muscles.


Q: How am I different from other sales coach/trainers?

My Coaching Principles

Why am I a good coach?