Career Series

Is Tech Sales the right career for you?

How did I end up in sales?

Who is not well-suited for a career in sales?

Can you handle the constant stress in sales?

What is it like to work for US startups expanding into APAC?

Tech-sales industry is highly paid, but that doesn’t make them immune to layoffs. Have your finance planned early to avoid being caught unprepared.

Hear Lionel Gao’s layoff experience in 2023 (my colleague)


Starting as a SDR/BDR?

Hear Patrick Dang (US), Katherine (US), Eric (US) and Gavin Quigley (UK, BDR) sharing their daily life in Tech Sales.

Ernest Teh’s BDR 101. What is difference between SDR vs BDR?

Asher Chua (AC) explains the difference of SDR roles in the US vs in APAC.

(AC) Breaking into Tech Sales without a tech background? Hear Clara Lim’s story.

What are the possible career paths after you become SDR?


Interviewing for SDR role now?

(AC) Hear from Hans Lim, what hiring managers are looking for.


Going from SDR/BDR to AE?

How I unstuck from SDRland (inbound SDR to outbound BDR to AE).

FAQ on “How I unstuck from SDRland”.


(AC) How Norman Seck went from Entrepreneur to BDR in Tech Sales then to Enterprise AE.

(AC) How Kaely Hoong went from SDR to SDR manager.

(AC) How Shawn Goh went from Enterprise SDR to Enterprise AE


Interviewing for an AE role now?

Here is a list of questions for you to do due-diligence on your future employer.

Do you know NOT all AE roles are created equal ? – pipeline generation

Do you know NOT all AE roles are created equal ? – job scope & time management

When choosing an AE job, it is really important that you understand what kind of stage the company is at and where it is going. Because the kind of sales life you get is very much dependent on that.

Why are you being paid so much as a salesperson?



Interview preparation tips

Treat your job interviews as a sales process.

During your interview process, don’t make these few unexpected mistakes other candidates made.

LinkedIn Premium feature: how you compare to other applicants?

A recent interview preparation session

A mock sales call & Demo preparation session

An offer negotiation preparation session

Christian Krause’s 5 tips on preparing job interviews


Going into sales management?

(AC) How Jezereel Teng went from Enterprise AE to Sales manager and back to individual contributor.


What does a good manager look like?

Jia Woei LING    Shirley TAN    Simon DAVIES