Prospecting via cold calling

(complimentary to John Barrows’ filling the funnel training)

Learning objectives

In this course, you will

  1. be aware of  a common misunderstanding around prospecting
  2. understand all the steps involved in the entire prospecting process & at which step John Barrow’s technique fits in
  3. understand the common mistakes when executing John Barrows’ technique
  4. understand the 5 most common mistakes that could occur in the entire prospecting process

By the end of the course, you would be able to

  • self-examine your current prospecting process
  • identify areas to improve

For whom

  • SDR
  • Sales people

Who currently are doing or planning to do cold calling.


You are not required to take John Barrows’ training before taking this course. However, those that have gone through his training are likely to benefit a lot more.

People that have not gone through John Barrows training, please be advised that his content will not be covered in this course.

You can visit his website here to know more about his training

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