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Did you read the book, and wonder where to get started? In many cases, the key is identifying the one single thing that’s holding back everything else.

What that single thing is … is different in every single situation.

I’m happy to think along with you and identify the best opportunities for you and your team to improve results. No obligations.

Just click the button below to pick a time and date that suit you for an online call!

Dig into your current campaigns together with your colleagues – and find out what’s needed to get the outcomes you want.

  • Online session
  • No participant limit. Bring as many team members as you want. Include your agency if you like!
  • No time limit. Many teams find 1 hour a comfortable time span, but we’ll take the time that’s needed to address your questions.
  • Preparation. I’ll do my due diligence ahead, so that the call will focus on your unique situation.

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SEO & Analytics workshop at University of Ostrava

Full day in-person workshop

€ 1500 + travel expenses

To make a lasting improvement to your student recruitment campaigns requires the input of various team members: faculty, international office, marketers, possibly IT.

An in-person workshop at your school is a great way to:

  1. Build common ground;
  2. Facilitate discussion and clarify direction;
  3. Decide on lasting improvements and
  4. Get back to work with renewed energy and purpose.

Interested? Send me a message or book a strategy call.

Whether you have a particular skill gap, temporary vacancy or specific questions around online search for a new project, I’m here to help!

Drop me a message or book a strategy call and we’ll take it from there!